Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dining in Style

It's ok. Really, I'm alive.

The last few weeks have been loco, with loads going on. I have been working on a freelance project that is moving quite quickly - so quickly in fact that I haven't even had time to do small, necessary tasks, like tweeze my eyebrows. Frida Kahlo, eat your heart out.

My client has just bought a two bedroom flat in the lovely environs of Notting Hill and I have been tasked with designing the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. Work has already begun on site in the living room and bedrooms (ripping out a fireplace and shelves, wiring for wall lights, etc.), but this coming week I will be turning my attention to the dining room.

The built in cupboards provide ample storage, so there is no need for a sideboard, and the walls are to remain neutral. I'm literally just kitting out the space with seating, a table, lighting and accessories.

My client isn't a huge fan of curtains, so ideally I would love add some texture to the space with a banquette under the windows, and an abundance of pillows, like so:

Comfy Banquette

dining room built in bench seating oval dining table mid century modern chairs apartment house new york city nyc midtown

BHG via Pinterest

LA Design Portfolio

I love that this look is completely versatile - it provides heaps of options, as the banquette looks great with round, square or rectangle tables. Fingers crossed that my client agrees and gives me the go ahead!


  1. We have a couple of window seats / banquettes in our soon-to-be completed house and I am starting to think about the structure and materials of the base cushions (which we will have to have made to order, given the dimensions of the banquettes). This post has been very helpful in defining exactly what I want!
    I would like them to be comfortable (so not horsehair or coir) and structured (so probably not foam) - do you have any suggestions either for the materials or where I could go to have them made?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, if you're in the UK I may be able to help. I'm currently looking at these options -

      Let me know how it turns out! :)

  2. I am, and these resources are really useful - thanks. It won't turn out until December (once the entire house has been taken apart and put back together again), but I'll give you an update then!


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