Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Let the Games Begin

The design process is so exciting that it can easily consume one's life. It may be because I'm a perfectionist...or simply because I'm a tiny bit obsessive compulsive*, but once I get started on a project I just cannot get it out of my head. 

After drawing up the existing plan for our flat in all its 392 sq ft glory, I found myself unable to turn off my brain, especially in the middle of the night. I was constantly making "to do" lists in my head and knew I needed to organise myself. So, I created a furniture plan, in order get my head around what we would actually need to purchase. Off the top of my head I knew we would need a TV console, mirror for above the fireplace, shoe storage (for the entry) and a plant (no room is complete without). I added the generic furnishings to the plan to get a feel for the space.

Then came the fun part: furniture sourcing. Lets just put it this way, I probably spent a total of 5 consecutive days searching the internet - nonstop.

You name it: Ikea, Gumtree, Muji, Zara Home, even Amazon. I'm an equal opportunity shopper. I came across so many accessories I decided to document everything that caught my eye in a sort of inspiration mood board. It included a lounge chair that I thought would fit neatly in the corner once we had settled into the flat, and also a pair of wall hung fish bowls. The bowls were the subject of much debate - animal cruelty, using creatures as art, you name it. I just thought they were cool. Sue me.

In the end Ikea reigned supreme thanks to its affordable, clean line (yet ubiquitous) pieces. I selected the PS Cabinet, palm plant and white shoe cabinet from the flat packed giants and a lovely carved wood mirror at TK Maxx, UK equivalent of the American version TJ Maxx (How they decided the distinct difference in name is one of life's great mysteries.) I also coveted the new H&M home collection and added a few throw pillows that I had my eye on to complete the neutral scheme.

I then amended my plan to 3D, stripping the room of its asymetrical mismatched shelving (leaving the shelves up only on one side of the fireplace), replacing the old short curtains with new drapery and blinds (to be chosen at a later date) and built the furniture in 3D as selected (excluding the lounge chair for the corner, which was just a tad over the immediate budget).

It was after this full that I was finally able to sleep through the night without brainstorming mid dream.
**I'm actually MASSIVELY obsessive compulsive!
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