Sunday, 5 June 2011

Evolution of Design

The design process never predictable. Its an ever changing roller coaster ride of twists, turns and second thoughts. Take for example the carved wood mirror featured in the mood board from the last post, which was originally purchased to be hung over the fireplace.

As soon as I saw it in its new "home", I knew the scale was all wrong. Though balanced in the middle of the wall, it seemed too high and the empty space beneath it was enough to give me even more sleepless nights. (Apologies for the two following photos that were hastily snapped on my iphone.)

I began my search then and there for a replacement. I am a massive fan of the Moroccan style fretwork panels, as well as Asian carved wood panels, but I knew for the size I needed it was near impossible to get something similar in London at an affordable price. So I turned my attention to filling the space beneath the mirror, just until I found a better alternative.

It happened purely by accident. I was intending to cover the mantle with candles of all sizes to anchor the too small mirror and attempt to fill the space beneath it. I grabbed a few empty beer bottles from the recycling to cluster on the mantle, just to gauge the height I needed...and that's when the Eureka moment happened. I really liked the look  of the bottles on the mantle. I decided then and there, that they would be my "candle holders". It was also then that I started drinking a lot more beer as well as sifting through my neighbour's recycling bin.

The mirror and growing bottle collection remained until a trip to Thailand where I stumbled upon a little bit of heaven: A massive market in Mae Sot, featuring a number of shops filled with carved wood panels. Round or square, painted or natural, it was wooden panel bliss. Realising that I had to take anything purchased back to London with me, I bought 9 12"x12" panels - small enough to fit into luggage, but with the idea of hanging them in a grid to create one big piece.

I decided to keep the panels natural, as opposed to painting them as I loved the warmth of the wood next to the bright green hue of the bottles as shown below.

Photography - Derona Moss
The scale of the panels is just right, I'm pleased with the overall look which defines the fireplace wall as the focal point of the room. Also, not to worry, the mirror is very happy in it's new home, which will be revealed in the next post.
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