Sunday, 16 February 2014

Drama, The Good Kind.

Rumour has it that during the filming of Flashdance, when Jennifer Beals chopped the neck off of her now famous jumper, it was for practical reasons rather than to start a fashion revolution. After shrinking it in the dryer by accident, she realised it could no longer fit over her head, and took matters into her own hands. Inspired by Beals, young women around the world picked up their scissors, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our bedroom was my personal shrunken jumper.

Our north facing flat actually does get a good amount of light in the living area, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. Our mezzanine bedroom, on the other hand, always read as a dingy beige colour, despite the bright white paint and decent sized skylight above.

Contrary to the usual fear of dark colours, I was actually was really missing our charcoal fireplace wall. So in the spirit of Jennifer, I decided to work with the dinginess, rather than trying to make the room something it wasn't.

In the end I went with Farrow & Ball Studio Green, and the result is rich and dramatic.

Here are the initial plans and the before:

And here is what it looks like now:

The only remaining task for this room is to close off the open wardrobe (with thick floor to ceiling curtains), but I'm having a mental debate about the best way to do this with a curved ceiling line.
That side of the room looks like this:

Still, I'm crossing this one off the list and calling it done...ish.

Sourcing: Wall Colour - Studio Green F&B, Valentin Bed -, Chevron Grain Bedside Table - West Elm, Steinhauer Mexlite Swing Arm Lights - Wayfair, Astor Noir Bedding - Designer's Guild, Pillow Fabric - Waverley Olana Bayleaf,  Pillow Inserts - Homescapes on Amazon
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