Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Bedroom

The last thing I should be doing today is writing a blog post, what with my ever expanding to-do list and ever dwindling living space.

As the boxes pile up, threatening my view of the TV from the sofa, there are a multitude of tasks I should be seeing to, like clearing out the cupboard under the sink perhaps. However I'm not quite brave enough to face the black hole that exists beyond the mountain of plastic shopping bags, so instead I procrastinate, and as a result, I have finally made some proper plans for the new bedroom.

I had been coveting the beds on for months, so finally we popped into their Chelsea showroom a few weeks ago...and when I say "popped in", what I really mean is took a 30 minute tube journey, walked 15 minutes from the station, and then climbed 3 flights of stairs up to the showroom. They couldn't have been more accommodating though, offering us every drink under the sun and being just lovely in general. About an hour later, we were the proud owners of the fabulous bed below.

Valentin with storage

I ordered the bed in an off-white coloured linen because I knew I wanted it to be the focal point on very dark grey/green walls. I also knew I wanted to use Waverley Olana Bayleaf fabric for pillows, and brass swing arm lamps, so finally, I put it all together for a visual:

There are only two teeny issues with this scenario:

1. I really like the look of Knoxville Grey for the walls, but finding Benjamin Moore paint in the UK is nigh on impossible. Quite frankly, the odds of Russell Brand asking me to marry him are greater, so I will have to either colour match or finding a similar hue by another brand.

2. The bedside table shown is from West Elm which is due to open it's first UK store here in London, but not until November. These bedside tables are my everything. Not only do I adore them, but they're also the perfect size and colouring for space, so it looks like we won't have bedside tables for a while.

So there you have it, the grand plans.

At some some point I would also like to add some sort of architectural detailing to make a feature of the main wall, but for right now it's baby steps.

I suppose I better get back to dehoarding and packing now....

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