Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spice Up Your Life

When I came across this image the other day, the intense and unexpected colour palette instantly reminded me of my trip to Istanbul and visit to the Spice Bazaar last summer. I could almost feel the chaotic atmosphere and heat pulsating through the market as I flicked through my photo album from that day to confirm the resemblance.

Motivated by the image and Spice Bazaar, I have rounded up my favourite spaces with similar colour schemes.

via Apartment Therapy

via BrightNest

via dg

via Style at Home

via Design Manifest

Much like a certain pop girl band of the past, these colours work well together as a unit, despite being individually very strong and full of personality.

To further emphasise my thinly veiled attempt to reference the Spice Girls, this colour scheme can go very wrong, very quickly, should one colour start to over power the others (I'm looking at you Geri). To prevent this from happening, there is a certain balance that must be struck - most easily and commonly in the form of a neutral background.

Here's what I would do:

Eber rug, Woven Ground £220. Armchair, Room & Board £460. Tripod floor lamp, West Elm £165. Leather sofa, Habitat £1,900. Brass swing arm wall light, Lights World £56.99 each. Natural wood side table , Habitat £180. Noguchi replica coffee table, Milan Direct £149. Knit pouf, Habitat £100.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Taste of Copenhagen

If you're anything like me, reflecting on Danish interior design (and Scandinavian design in general), will evoke images of beautifully designed furniture, pale blond woods, and small doses of colour. It was the anticipation of this sort of inspiration that got me most excited about my short trip to Copenhagen last week, and the city certainly didn't disappoint.

Coffee shops, juice bars, and pastry shops alike - all seemingly belonging on the pages of a design glossy - contained the key ingredients of a scattered small tables, multiple hanging pendants, and a sprinkling of designer chairs throughout.

Imagine my surprise then, when my friends and I stumbled upon Cafe Dan Turrell, a Parisian styled bistro/bar that seemed to swim against the tide of modern cafes. With it's walls dripping in a rich hue of "oxblood", matching leather banquettes, and framed vintage posters creating a retro feel, I was taken by this gem of a restaurant.

Whilst eating the huge spread that was delivered to our table (which was delish), I was consumed with thoughts of translating the strong colour and crisp white touches to a residential setting.

Here are some examples which work, in my opinion:

Dark red love but need more white accents
via Apartment Therapy
Sleeping Beauty
Red room.Find that perfect red for your kitchen with YOLO Colorhouse hues PETAL .06, CLAY .05, CREATE .04 and CREATE .05. 

Café Dan Turèll, Store Regnegade 3, 1110 København K
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