Sunday, 9 June 2013

Never Say Never : The Brixton Narrative

"Well one thing is for sure, we are NOT living in Brixton."

These were the very words spoken six years ago, as I embarked upon one of the biggest steps I had ever taken in life. Moving from The Bahamas to London with my best friend created many opportunities for arguments and debate, but our sole area of agreement was our mutual disdain for notoriously "stabby" Brixton.

I'm am still in the process of digesting my massive slice of humble pie.

You see, Brixton has evolved over the last few years, and I am now having a major love affair with it. This is also quite convenient, as we have just bought a flat there.

It started with the foodie heaven that is Brixton Village. All those affordable restaurants, bars and independent shops under one roof? Like a moth to the flame, I was hooked.

Now we're counting down the months until I can exchange my GB pounds for Brixton pounds, and I have been giving more thought to the design of our new pad (which we lovingly refer to as "plot 52").

I have finally been making good use of my pinterest account and I have very much noticed a look, emerging from my pins.


Photos via my pinterest

I'm obsessed with white walls, dark floors and neutral furniture, so that is very much the direction I would like to take the flat in. The only issue is, as an interior designer I can appreciate so many aesthetics and styles that I'm constantly changing my mind. So as they say, watch this space.

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  1. I somehow missed that you had moved to GB from the Bahamas! Congratulations on the new flat- looks like you are gathering some awesome inspiration.


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