Sunday, 14 July 2013

Basket Pendant Lust

This image is fast becoming the hussy of the internet.

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Photos of this St. Barts home have been doing the rounds for ages now, and I'm pretty sure that somewhere I have the very magazine issue that the shoot features in.

The high contrast colour scheme is balanced by the baskets, a touch of greenery, and of course the over-sized rattan pendants that really just seal the deal for me. They lend the room much needed warmth, and provide texture in the most spectacular way. They are also single-handedly responsible for my 2 day, marathon-like internet search, of all images basket pendant related. Here are my favourites:


Annaleenas Hem

This then led to me desperately trying to source a similar pair for above the living area and dining area in our new flat . After looking, brainstorming, and then looking some more (and even plotting to have big baskets sent over from Burma to convert to pendants), I found this little beauty - right. under. my. nose. (She can even be stained or painted).

description brève de l'image 
Mill Valley 10
Benjamin Dhong

I then crossed my fingers and prayed to the lighting gods that the scale was right for our new space. According to my CAD drawing, the larger size is pretty spot on!

So, I think these may be the ones, or at least are top of the list right now. I tend to change my mind constantly when it comes to designing my own spaces, and with a move in date that is still a vague "between August and September", I'm definitely keeping an eye out.

In the mean time, suggestions are more than welcome. If you see something that you think I would love, send it on over!

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