Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter White Rooms

Waking up in London this morning, one could be forgiven for thinking it was Narnia, thanks to the steady snowfall and wintery blanket it created overnight.

Despite my many years in London, I remain an island girl at heart, and the novelty of snow has never quite worn off.

Peering out of the window behind my bed this morning, I was met with the view of swirling flakes and a distinct feeling of being trapped in a snow globe - understandable, given that I was still half asleep. Within seconds though, I was in the lounge, torso hanging out of our large sash window snapping photos, much to the dismay of my boyfriend.

Inspired by this ethereal environment, I began to imagine the setting as a living room, and then a bedroom, and soon my thoughts snowballed (see what I did there?) into this very post.

Here is a compilation of some of my favourite white spaces, as well as tips to keep in mind when creating a winter wonderland room of your own.

1. Mix your whites. Pairing cool bright whites with warm beige shades creates variation, and prevents the space feeling flat.

via Lonny
via Busy Being Fabulous

2. Add a little black for contrast and depth.

via Apartment Therapy
via Obsessions of a Dangerous Mind
via Lonny
3. Touches of texture in the form of baskets, wood grain, or fur lend a huge hand in warming up the space.

via Heart Home
via House to Home
via 0509 Ravenous

 Here's what I would do, if we lived in a budget free world:

Tripod Floor Lamp, West Elm £182.26. Lampert Tufted Sofa, Jonathon Adler £2,195. Meurice Chandelier, YLiving $894.30. Dalton Coffee Table, Arhaus $799. RAR Rocker, Haus £275.60. Shag Pouf, Calypso St. Barth $425. Cow Hide Rug, Toast £265. Tarnby Rug, Ikea, £80


  1. I always thought white rooms were so cold but these are good renditions of how warm and home-y they really can be.....

  2. Girl, you are good! You should be a writer for a home magazine! Of course, I love the article.

  3. Great tips on how to warm up white interiors! Also really love your picks.


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