Sunday, 13 January 2013

Casual Traditional

I mentioned here last week that a freelance project I had been working on had been put on hold due to lack of planning consent. After some consideration, I thought I would share a snippet of that project here with you.

My client knew exactly the look he liked, and after a couple weeks of correspondence and a site visit, I coined his style "casual traditional" (which was also the title of the initial concept/mood board I sent to him).

I like to think of this style as Traditional: After a Few Cosmopolitans. For instance, think moulding and chair rails, with the added twist of modern touches, mismatched chairs or perhaps an african juju hat. It's grown up and sophisticated - yet comfortable with an unexpected touch of whimsy...a relaxed traditional.

Here are a few examples.

via unknown
via unknown
via FifiCheek
via Lonny

As for my client's lounge, my proposal ended up looking like this:

 Fingers crossed we can resume the project in the near future...

1 comment:

  1. The images you selected are beautifully elegant and your hand drawings are great. I really hope you can see this project to the end as well- your client would end up with an amazing space.


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