Sunday, 6 January 2013

Here's to the New Year

Well...that was fast. One minute I was feasting on nutritious meals of Belgian chocolate and prosecco, and the next I was back at work eating soup for lunch and wondering if I was imagining that extra bulge in my midsection.

Christmas and New Year went by ridiculously fast, and I have to admit - it was nice to take a breather and not focus on anything.

Last year I went home to the Bahamas - boyfriend in tow, where we spent 3 weeks island hopping, drinking rum on the beach, and even managed to squeeze in a weekend in Miami.

This year however, we stayed in the UK and spent some time with my boyfriend's family in Stamford, a lovely market town just an hour away from London via Kings Cross.

We in traded pig swimming excursions for wellie clad* long country walks, and evenings in the pub drinking hot mulled cider.

Despite my love of meat, (venison, lamb, beef - you name it) I'm a sucker for for farm animals, so a long walk through Stamford and Burghley Park (on the one day it didn't rain!) was probably the highlight of my holiday.

The flooded meadows in Stamford Town
Burghley Park
Burghley Park
Burghley Park
Burghley Park
Burghley Park
Burghley House

Since we've returned to London and began settling back into a routine (ie. eating balanced meals that don't solely consist of the holy trinity - cheese/wine/chocolate), I've started to think about some goals for this year, which I decided to share here in hopes that it would encourage me to pull my finger out and make it happen.

In addition to continuing to write this blog which I look forward to every weekend, I really want to focus on two things:

Firstly I would like to get a freelance project going (and share here of course). Due to lack of planning consent, my last project was put on hold and I'm seriously starting to get that itchy, creatively stifled feeling.

The other focus for me this year is the Etsy shop.

My goal is to introduce a more items to the shop, which I have already began working towards. I'm hoping to list a 2013 calendar in the next few days and today you get to have the first peek!




So here's to 2013 - hoping that it will be a great one...and any feedback regarding the calendar would be greatly appreciated!

*[Note to self: standing in a cold deep puddle is not the best way to discover that your wellies have a hole.]

1 comment:

  1. Pig swimming????
    Well that all looks lovely, my friend has just moved to Stamford. I had no idea it was so pretty.
    Happy new year!


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