Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Trending in Design: #Extraordinary Wardrobes

Before I delve into the matter at hand - trends, can I just take a moment to say: HELLO SUMMER!

After more than 3 consecutive months of wall to wall rain (the wettest April, May and June on record) and temperatures barely pushing 60F, we are FINALLY having a heatwave!

I have been living in England for quite sometime now, and in many ways I'm totally indoctrinated, but there are two things that happen when it gets this hot (94F today!) that I still marvel at:

1. People get naked.

I took this photo at 8:45 this morning. Why are they topless? Where are they going? God one knows.

2. People stand around outside. Anywhere.

No space in the beer garden? The pavement will do.

But I digress...

Wardrobes. Have you noticed how creative people are getting with clothes and shoes storage lately? I feel like today many spaces that were once considered private are now "done up", and the wardrobe is a great example of this. Instead of hiding away one's belongings, it seems that displaying it in the open on unconventional fixtures is now the way forward.

Photo | AtCasa

Photo | Rock That Horse

Yes indeed, both are ladders. Why don't I think of these things??

Photo | Etsy - Stella Bleu Designs

Photo | Etsy - Stella Bleu Designs 

 Pipes, in case you didn't notice.

Photo | Apartment Therapy

Photo | Apartment Therapy

Photo | Storage and Glee

Suspended branches and rods - LOVE!

Photo | Decorate8

Photo | Storage and Glee

As a colourful focal point? Genius.

Photo | The Hunted Interior

I thought I was so clever and cutting edge when I ripped out my wardrobe doors and replaced them with beaded curtains in 1998. THIS (above) is how it should be done.

Photo | Solid Frog

I've been obsessed with storing my beloved shoes in a display cabinet like the one above (or a Billy with doors) for ages, but I simply don't have the space. I'm longing for the day I can have a dressing room with wall to wall shoes. I may even invest in one of these:

Just kidding.


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  1. I'm loving the tree branches and shadow boxes.... Great idea!


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