Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trending in Design: #Dipped

It was a facebook conversation last week that persuaded me to feature this phenomenon for this week's trend post.

What is this phenomenon of which I speak?

Photo | The Sweet Beast

Why, paint dipping of course.

In my opinion, this works best when the "dipped" to "undipped" ratio is about 1:4 (2:3 also works), as this does not visually break up the piece of furniture too much.

Photo | Apartment Therapy

And its not just furniture folks. We're talking everyday household items too.

Photo | Anthropologie
Photo | Etsy

Fourth of July style anyone?

Photo | Centsational Girl

Don't get me wrong-- this certainly a great way of sprucing up or perhaps injecting a bit of personality into a piece of furniture, however I believe this one fits squarely into the "burn bright burn fast" camp.

Of course I could just be a dipstick (see what I did there?) for dismissing this to the fad pile. Who knows? Maybe we will be seeing this effect for years to come.

For now, just enjoy the view.

Photo | House to Home

Photo | The Brick House
Photo | Say Yes to Hoboken
Photo | House to Home

Photo | Living Etc.

What do you think about paint dipped furniture?

*If you recognise the last photo and remember the source, please let me know so that I can credit it.


  1. I also love the dipped look, especially the gold stems. So chic :)

  2. Agreed, very clever! Although I do wonder how the glasses hold up with washing...


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