Sunday, 22 July 2012

Colour Me Inspired

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, and when it comes to choosing a colour palette,  sometimes the most unexpected combinations actually work very well together.

I think this is best illustrated by Design Seeds, my go to website for those occasions when I feel I'm stuck in bit of a colour rut. Colour Godess and founder of the site Jessica pulls together colour palettes from just about anything you can think of. The website is flooded with beautiful photographs and colour scheme inspiration like this:

I'm constantly browsing the site to scan new palettes and within seconds I can picture a room (in my head) based on the colours. For example:

Photo | Urban Kaleidoscope

Photo | SADecor

Photo | Urban Kaleidoscope

Photo | La Dolce Vita

Photo | Emily Henderson

Photo | Unknown

Photo | La Dolce Vita

Incidentally, I was recently sorting through my image files and came across the photo below which I love.

Photo | Desde My Ventana

I have kept it for ages in my interiors file, and I now realise that the colour palette is what I was drawn to. So I decided to give it my own "seed treatment".

And here is the room I built around it, which will now be added to my inspiration files as well:

Louis Green Velvet Chair €340 Paloranta. Molted Iron Lamp £75 John Lewis. Mirror Side Table $159 West Elm. Dunham Sofa £1189.27 West Elm. Bridge picture $149 Ikea. Chandelier $840 Circa Lighting. Clairmont Coffee Table $699 Crate & Barrel. Brass Floor Lamp $282.91 Lamps Plus. Alseda Ottoman $29.99 Ikea. Pillow Covers $40 (each) Whitlock & Co (Etsy). Persian Carpet est $800 - $1200 Live Auctioneers.

Have you ever used Design Seeds?


  1. Now where is the love button!!!! Love this post Derona....

    1. No love button unfortunately, but you can pin any of the photos!

  2. What a great job you've done of finding room pairings with the DS color palettes AND with creating your own.


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