Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oslo: Part Deux

My second day in Oslo was largely spent "squat walking" down slippery hills and navigating icy pavements, as I was wearing ridiculously inappropriate shoes. During my efforts to stay upright I managed to really observe and appreciate the city.

To my surprise, there were many charming cafes with outdoor seating despite the subzero temperatures.

Eventually, my lovely host and I found ourselves near the the royal palace. We ventured up the large icy hill on which it was perched, and realised that we arrived just in time for the changing of the guard ceremony.

At this point I could no longer feel my fingers, as my thick gloves proved to be a hinderance in the picture taking department...but who could ignore a view like this?

The large Freia clock in the distance sits atop the Freia chocolate factory. They are famous for making the delicious Melkesjokolade chocolate bar, which I swear is addictive and I almost ate my weight in at the airport. Here's a closer look...

We concluded our walking tour at the the famous opera house, however the cold weather must have affected my judgement, because I neglected to take any photos. Yup, I have no record of visiting arguably the most distinctive architectural masterpiece in Oslo. Not one. Thank goodness for google. Apparently, architect wanted the building to portray an iceberg floating on water.

Later that night, we went to the Samsoe & Samsoe show. The clothes were classic and featured tailored coats and mostly subdued colours. My favourite was pale yellow dress. I loved the contradiction of the summery fabric paired with the edgy leather leggings.

We mingled at the after party for a while, then embarked on a sort of bar crawl. We headed home in the early hours of the morning and a few hours later I bid farewell to Oslo. The trip was short, but sweet.


  1. Very well written.....reading this makes me want to visit Norway.....maybe one day!

    I enjoyed photos of the designer whose line had the "bold " jeweled clothing!


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