Monday, 13 February 2012

Oslo Fashion Week

This past weekend, I had the amazing experience of photographing Oslo Fashion Week for a friend who edits a beauty magazine there.

Having visited southern Norway in the spring of last year and observing the breathtaking scenery, I was excited to see what the capital city was like in comparison.

We kicked off Friday night at the Moods of Norway show armed with our "Super Duper VIP" confirmation emails.

I was stationed in the photographers pit at the end of the runway with the big boys in the game which was, shall we say, a tiny bit intimidating? I carefully removed my "civilian"18-55mm lens and replaced it with the "pro" (not really) 55-200mm lens which boosted my confidence slightly.

As the lights and music came up and the models appeared, suddenly the photographers pit felt more like a lion's den. There was a substantial amount of elbowing and hissing before I found my happy place kneeling on the floor in front of the runway where I got some great close shots.

[Caution] Hot men below. You've been warned.

I loved the 30's feel of the styling and the gorgeous variety of fabrics.

As I left my spot on the floor to get some wider shots, the "mood" of the show shifted, when a professional dance group took to the runway and turned the energy up a notch.

Have a look at the blinged out shoes.

These gems seemed to feature throughout the rest of the show: attached to lapels, collars and the like - but my absolute FAVOURITE was the oversized bib necklaces adorned in them. I will most definitely be attempting a DIY version of this.

As the ended and the designers came out during the final walk, I saw the bottle, had a premonition, and took a step back.

See where this is going?

Way to end a great show with a bang, but I doubt the other photographers would agree, after all, champagne + lens = disaster. Hopefully there were no photographic casualties.

And the highlight of the show? Why the goody bag of course!

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