Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Err..Happy New Year?

Yes, it's been awhile. Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Probably.

Last time I posted I left the biggest cliffhanger since Will burned down the house on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and promised to reveal the carved wood mirror's new hanging spot.

She now lives in between the two sash windows behind the sofa. She fits PERFECTLY.

Her mates, the Thai carved panels, are still living it up in their home above the mantel.

After that, much of the design plan according to the mood board changed as well.

The wall aquarium arrived looking cheap like a fancy plastic bowl and was sent back pronto.

The lounge chair was promptly forgotten once I found a great deal on an Eames Rocker. Its a replica of course, in moulded plastic rather than the original fibreglass. This bad boy, designed in 1948 is one my favourite modern classic pieces.

I also found myself smitten with the oh so practical Tam Tam stools from Habitat (in white to coordinate with the rocker). They're great for putting my feet up and also double as extra seating for guests. They're easy to tuck away to create space (small flat and all that) and were a bargain at just £15 a piece.

The H&M pillows were nixed after some textile shopping in Bangkok, but more about that later. Until next time....


  1. loving the blog....and love how you've put those Thai carved panels on the wall.....they're gorgeous!

    Do you have any other ideas on where they cold have gone if not on the wall?

  2. They not completely level, so I wouldnt want to lay them flat. I did however, think they would work well lined up flush to create one rectangle, painted and mounted onto ply to be hung as a headboard.


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