Sunday, 18 November 2012

Peach No More

If you read last week's post, you may remember me mentioning that I was having a birthday lunch at Sushi Samba. The above photo is a spectacular view from one of the restaurant's terraces on the 38th floor.

The place is phenomenal. (The copper fixtures in the bathrooms!)

And the food ain't too shabby either. I inhaled most of it before even thinking about taking a photo.

It was a great experience, but I digress.

Last week I also shared my disaster of a hallway, and plans for a cheap makeover.

I spent most of this week painting...and repainting.

And painting some more.

I am a huge advocate of "you get what you pay for", so why pray tell, did yours truly go out and purchase budget white paint? The mysteries of life. The moral of the story is, buy good quality paint to avoid having to apply 5 coats. After all, time is money.

Back to the matter at hand, I applied the final coat yesterday and the hallway is unbelievably brighter! Before and after several coats of white paint :


It truly embarrasses me that I waited so long to paint it. It feels cleaner, and at night it actually looks like we have added an extra bulb to the light.

Now that that's done, I have begun to pay more attention to the ceiling. As I said last week I really like the idea of painting graphic stripes up there. It adds a bit more atmosphere to the tiny space and is easy to repaint when we move.

As you can see in the photo above, there is a tiny little soffit (which probably conceals a pipe), which I intend to use as my painting boundary. That little bugger annoys me to no end, so I'm ignoring it because painting it would draw even more attention to it.

I drew up a reflected ceiling plan to further gather my thoughts and make some decisions.

My initial thought was simple medium grey, evenly spaced stripes. Although I like the simplicity of it, I am conscious of committing to such a precise pattern. What if I make a mistake? Daunting.

So I thought about painting random stripes. It's so much easier to disguise mistakes with a random design!

I also like the idea of mixing medium grey with light grey stripes. So as for now, this is the plan. The ceiling plan is to scale (with the exception of the cupboard doors at the end of the hallway which I totally eyeballed. I always got into trouble for trying to eyeball everything instead of measuring when I was at university, but that's another story), which should make it easy - hopefully - to reproduce this pattern on this ceiling.

I even put it into 3d to better visualise it. 

So fingers crossed that I do not eff this up. I intend to buy the very best masking tape I can find, in hopes that I can redeem myself from the shame of the £7.99 paint (2 litres!) saga (an uneven drippy mess).

Wish me luck!


  1. It looks like you ha an amazing Birthday lunch. The hallway area really does look so much brighter. And I love to see that you put everything in CADD (I thought I was the only that did that with my home projects ;-)

  2. hahah yeah I tend to over-plan and draw everything up in the beginning stages, then almost always end up winging it. Don't be surprised if I reveal dots instead of stripes in the end lol.

  3. Oh hey good look! Can't wait to see the results. I think you should paint the soffit too! I know what you mean about them, we have strange boxed in pipes all over our ceilings too.


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