Sunday, 4 November 2012

Contemporary with a Turkish Twist

One of my favourite things to do when planning a holiday is to look for accommodation. I realise that this probably makes me a bit of a weirdo, but I really do love scoping out b&b's and guesthouses, comparing reviews and weighing up the options.

So I was very excited to find the Hotel Ibrahim Pasha website, whilst looking for a place to stay in Istanbul. As soon as I browsed through the photos I knew I wanted to stay there, and the great trip advisor reviews along with this city guide sealed the deal.

I was not disappointed.

Situated in the heart of Sultanahmet, the 19th century converted townhouse was like an oasis of chic in the middle of chaotic tourist mecca. The moment I walked through the door and spotted the fiddle leaf fig in the corner, I felt at home.

Green walls were complimented with perfectly worn leather sofas, while turkish rugs and ikat pillows softened the masculine aesthetic.

Around a corner in the cosy library, the Turkish flavoured contemporary design continued with wooden floor lamps, glass fronted built-ins, and a statement over-sized armchair.

via Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

Our room, although one of the smallest, was cleverly designed and kitted out with a telly and an ipod dock.

And look at that gorgeous tile! 

The rooftop terrace with it's fabulous views was my absolute favourite spot. We spent many an evening sat there with a glass of wine.

Long after we left the hotel and returned to London, memories of relaxing in the comfortable library and sinking into the soft leather sofas lingered. I began to think about a simple way of recreating this look, and here is my interpretation:

Billy Bookcase with doors $219.99 Ikea, Floorlamp $129.99 Gracious Home, Leather sofa £999 Made, Tullsta Armchair £80 Ikea, Tullsta Armchair slip cover £156 Save My Sofa, Lack coffee table £23 Ikea, Rug £220 Woven Ground, Turkish hand woven kilim pillow cover $179.95 Etsy, Ikat velvet pillow cover $69.95 Etsy, Basket £32.91 Crate & Barrel.

And for those of you who are as obsessed with fiddle leaf figs as I am, they are now sold at Ikea! The challenge however, is keeping it alive long enough for it to resemble the large lush beauty above...


  1. Ok, those tiles sell the place for me. But I really like how modern the room looks. Great picks on your board too- would love a fig leave tree in my living room!

  2. The tiles were amazing, the place is an absolute gem!


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