Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Trending in Design : #Wood Paneling

I would hardly be surprised if the first thing you thought of when I mentioned "wood paneling" was -

a. A winter cabin
b. Knotty pine
c. Your nan's house

Much like it's compatriots from the 80's, brass and neon, wood paneling has made a huge resurgence lately. It's like there's been a reunion and they're all hanging out again.

But don't be fooled, this is hardly your nan's paneling.

Photo | House to Home
Photo | House to Home
Photo | Merrypad
Photo | Freshome
Photo | Regines Kreativiteter

You can pull this off on the cheap as well, using salvaged wood (tutorial here).

Photos | The Lettered Cottage
Photo | Design Sponge
Photo | Sasufi

I think this trend works best when combined with clean lines - teaming with furniture too fussy or traditional makes the danger of veering back to an 80's aesthetic all too real.

If you do want to try this, why not...

Also, if you're thinking of installing paneling, be mindful of the tone of the wood. If the colour reads as too yellowy-orangey (yes, that is a technical term), once again, it can look dated.

Heed my warning...or you may just end up with a room resembling this one -

Photos | Ugly House Photos

2004?! Wait, what?  Whoa.


  1. Ha ha....I loved this blog but the very last bit made me chuckle! :)

    1. I just have a hard time believing that photo was taken in 2004. That being said, white wash that paneling, scrape the ghastly textured ceiling, and pull up the manky carpet and we could be onto something! Diamond in the rough.

  2. ohh so happy I found you - Love some of the wood panelling details here.. And agree putting up varnished pine on your walls is NOT a good look!


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