Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trending in Design: #Fiddle Leaf Fig

You have seen them everywhere. They bring life to a room like nobody's business, and demand attention like a piece of sculptural art.

I give you, the fiddle leaf fig. Try saying that 3 times fast.

The above bathroom photo, which lives happily in my inspiration file, gives me heart palpitations. Only a fiddle leaf fig is capable of holding it's own in a space with THAT chandy, THAT bathtub and all that amazing marble.

via Elle Decor

Again, take the above room with it's high ceilings and fabulous view - the plant still manages to make a statement.

And as it grows, it creates a beautiful vignette, as in the image below.

via Elle Decor     

via Elle Decor
via Elle Decor

I love how the broad leaves deliver a punch of colour in a neutral setting.

Shall we all just take a moment to devour it's goodness?

via Lonny
via David Mitchell Interior Design  |  Domino Magazine   
via House and Home

To be honest I'm not sure when I started noticing these plants - probably a little over a year ago when I looked into buying one.

I have always believed that a room without a (preferably large) plant is an unfinished room. Unfortunately though, I'm highly skilled in the art of killing plants. Seriously.

I have managed to even kill a cactus. And in the world of plants, the fiddle leaf fig is like one of those "ladies who lunch". Glamourous, but high maintenance and expensive.

via Emily Henderson
via Cozy Bliss  |  Grant K. Gibson

Still, I definitely see one of these babies in my (very) distant future, as I have a feeling this trend, like so many (white floors anyone?) has the potential to become classic. But for now, I will focus on the two unidentifiable plants that I currently own, and hope that they don't become victims of my infamous black thumb.

via Amber Interior Design


  1. I take it the fiddle leaf fig is a tree?......lovely rooms, especially the first 2...who would have thought a tree could "make" a space!

  2. All of the spaces are lovely, but I especially love the living rooms.

  3. ikea had some on sale for $2 this weekend. that's right -- eight quarters. we were lucky enough to snatch up the last of em. i've loved them for so long and needed to check out your blog for styling inspiration!

  4. Yeah, the ikea here was selling them fairly cheaply, thought not as inexpensive as that. I snapped on up and it was dead within 3 weeks :(


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