Monday, 12 March 2012

Cabbages and Condoms

The following is a true story.

Yes, that is a condom covered Santa.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant was established to help support the Population and Community Development Association (or PDA) in Thailand. The PDA is an independent organisation that runs environmental programmes and promotes AIDS prevention and family planning throughout Thailand.

The restaurant entrance is a sort of enchanted garden. The winding brick pathway, dimly lit with fairy lights and overhead woven basket fixtures, is flanked by various trees and plants including, you guessed it: potted succulent cabbages.

Following the obvious theme, the gift shop area is decorated with a sea of fairy lights in an overhead trellis, and naturally, condom covered hanging lights.

At this point, I had a proper case of the giggles. This was definitely not your average meal out with the family. 

We had a quick look around at the many amusing signs and condom adorned mannequins. I mean, there was some serious detailing going on. 

The fun continued as we took our seats and scanned the menu. Even under the glass tabletop, there they were lurking. It was like an epidemic.

And then, just as I thought the evening couldn't get anymore bizarre, I actually heard my mummy say the sentence "I'll have the Condom Steak please." That just about did it for me, I just couldn't stop laughing. (And no, I don't recommend ordering a steak in Thailand).

I was convinced that the restaurant was purposely over the top to distract from the mediocrity of the food. Yeah, I was wrong. The food was all kinds of delicious.

Mints? Who needs dinner mints when you can get a free condom instead? I mean, isn't chilli breath the ultimate turn on?

And OBVS size depends on how you being teeny tiny. That's why they hate the free healthcare idea. He he.

Although it was a hilarious and surreal experience, the restaurant does support such a good cause. I think the PDA are fantastic for bringing attention to a serious issue in such a creative way.

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  1. OMG, this was a great post.......he restaurant looked totally the opposite of what i expected.....couldn't fathom dining with condoms lurking under the glass on the table... a beautiful restaurant, tastefully decorated....amazed at the condom colors!


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