Sunday, 9 March 2014

Taking Shape

With the bedroom finito, I though a living room update was overdue. 

Though far from finished, this space is finally taking shape and feeling more like home. The space in front of the sofa has been filled with a ming-like coffee table, and the bare bulbs hanging overhead are now hidden behind giant white drum shades.

As the days get longer, the need for curtains is becoming more and more apparent, and the 10 ft windows certainly make it a tricky task. Also on the to-do list are 2 bolster pillows (in the sofa upholstery fabric), and 2 square pillows in the perfect shade of pale pink.

Here is what it looks like now:

Spot the kitty (and the plant she is in the middle of taking down, one leaf at a time).

The basket on the table holds all of our laptop wires, earphones, plugs - all the valuables the kitty has attempted to chew through.

 We're getting there.

Sourcing: Opium Coffee Table - Maison Du Monde, Alseda Footstools - Ikea, Hovet Leaning Mirror - Ikea, Nymo Drum Shade - Ikea, Woven Basket - Rachel & Malika's Brixton Village.


  1. It looks great- you have definitely selected pieces that work so well, scale wise with the space. I also really like your basket solution and the amount of natural light that floods the place.

  2. I could move in to you right away! It's really something!


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