Sunday, 26 January 2014


When I popped into Woven Ground to see the rug in this post in person, it wasn't on display in the showroom. I was shown something similar, but unfortunately I was not convinced.

The pile was just a little too deep - the rug too new, too fluffy. So after realising that what I was really seeking was a faded and worn rug, I began trawling Ebay.

Cue hour after hour of looking at antique Persians. It seemed impossible to find the size I needed, at the right price, with the right colours. Hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. The rugs all started to resemble each other, and I started dreaming about geometric patterns. Then, I had a light bulb moment. LAYERING.

via Lonny
via Milk & Honey Home

The decision to layer 2 rugs opened me up to a host of new options, and the next day I ordered the one: a semi-antique Persian.

The rug is mostly made up of faded reds and pink, with touches of blue and green, and an intricate geometric motif in the centre.

And I'm not the only one loving the new addition.

It works well in the space, but is a slightly too narrow for the room. It is also centred to the room, (not the sofa), so feels slightly unbalanced (to me). So in due course, it will be layered on top of this.

In addition to the new addition, I also finally ordered this Ming style coffee table, which I'm hoping turns up this week.

I initially planned for a glass waterfall coffee table, so as not to take up too much visual space, however I felt it was a little to modern for the eclectic look I'm going for. I think the dark wood table not only adds much needed warmth, but also tones down the contrast of the rug and sofa.

 Watch this space.

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