Sunday, 10 November 2013

Striking A Balance

Because of the modern feel of our flat, and having decided long ago on Bertoia side chairs for the dining area, I knew I needed a dining table that would provide balance and prevent a cold and uninviting feeling. I needed something that would warm up the room and create a nice juxtaposition of old and new.

The more I thought about it, the more I leaned towards a rustic farmhouse style table, like in the images below, preferably with turned legs to mimic the curve of the ceiling and soften the clean lines of the space.

via One Hour

via Abode Love

photo source unknown

photo source unknown

I soon realised that finding a dining room table in London is not a task for the fainthearted. It seemed all the options fell into 3 main categories : affordable/bad quality, expensive/bad quality, extortionate/good quality. An added concern was the issue of space. As in, we don't have much.

So when an acquaintance referred us to the small family run company where he purchased a custom farmhouse table, my initial thought was that we would have to take out another mortgage to be able to afford one.

I was wrong.

Perusing the website, the tables at the Birmingham based Nina's Country Kitchen, appeared to be exceptional value for money. Even more important, they were custom made, allowing me to purchase one built to my own spec.

Based on the dimensions of the Bertoia chairs, and of a standard dining room table I came up with the detail drawing below. I was very conscious of the height of the table apron, and tried to ensure that there was enough clearance for knees/thighs, which which can be a common concern when pairing modern chairs with farmhouse tables.

After a brief correspondence over the email, I sent Nina the drawing, explaining that I wanted the standard turned legs (although the legs in my drawing were slightly fancier). Less than 6 weeks later (yesterday morning), this solid oak beauty turned up.

The holes in the side are for an extension that allows us to seat 2 or 3 more people, and in the background, the infamous chandeliers are still sitting on the floor, mocking me more and more with each passing day. For those of you who have witnessed my facebook ranting, I have dubbed them the terrible twosome.

Once we take delivery of the chairs (Tuesday) and install the terrible twosome, our dining area should look a little something like this...

...and we can finally have meals again without an all consuming fear of spilling food on the beige sofa.

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  1. Lovely! Thank you for sharing the link to Nina's. As someone else trying to furnish a new London flat on a budget, I am all too familiar with your dilemma and am excited to see how you bring the place together. Please do keep sharing your favorite local sources!


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