Sunday, 28 April 2013

Modern Island Living

After an eight and a half hour flight from London to Nassau, and a further 20 minute flight (in what at first glance appeared to be a toy plane) to Eleuthera, I am now finally settled in my home for the next week.

Located just a short drive away from Governor's Harbour Airport, Sky Beach Club is a small resort made up of villas and cottages facing the Atlantic.

Carved out of a steep hillside, the villas, complete with private pool and jacuzzi, shine a modern light on the term "Island Living".

Upon entering the villa, the scale of the open plan layout is impressive.

My eyes are instantly drawn up to the huge ceilings and large hanging chandeliers, then to the wall of windows and doors overlooking the ocean. Meanwhile, the sunlight streaming in through the windows have a bit of a dazzling effect on the iridescent mosaic tiles in the kitchen.

Steps lead down to the sunken living area, where the seating is custom built to fit the angular shape of the space. There's ample room to sprawl after a long day in the sun, and a plethora of jewel-toned pillows for comfort.

The bright tropical prints and wicker furniture typical of an island resort are nowhere to be found. Instead, this modern island style consists of a more pared down, sleek aesthetic. In this case, less is certainly more.

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  1. What a gorgeous house! Island life is great!

  2. Looks like you are in for a week of bliss. Enjoy!

  3. WOW, amazing.


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