Sunday, 2 December 2012

Feeling a bit Rope-y

It is seriously hard to photograph a mirror. Apologies in advance for the shoddy images.

Those of you who follow me on instagram may have noticed my Ikea visit on Friday.

I was initially on the hunt for the 55cm Ikea Kolja mirror, but after spotting the larger version for only £1 more I was sold. The larger scale, I thought, was a much better fit for the space above my shoe cupboard.

Earlier today, armed with my new mirror, some rope, and a bit of cardboard, I got started. Although inspired by the images below, I mainly ended up making it up as I went along.

First I measured out a circle, about a half inch smaller than the diameter of the mirror on cardboard. I then measured out a second larger circle to create a cardboard ring and cut it out.

Using a hot glue gun, I attached the cardboard ring to the surface of the mirror and then began gluing the rope to the cardboard.

My rope was thinner than I wanted so I glued many layers to chunky it up a bit.

 I then measured 4 corners and wrapped hemp string around the rope (and cardboard) at these points.

Lastly, I created a sort of hanging handle at the top...

 I've not hung it up yet...but I did lean it against the wall of it's future home just to have a look.

If you're wondering just how I plan to hang it, then that makes the both of us.

After a halfhearted, unsuccessful attempt at trying to find the stud in the wall, I'm thinking I may just whack 15 or so 3M Command Hanging Strips on the back and cross my fingers.

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  1. Ah yes, the command hooks. Always a life saver. Mirror looks great so far though.


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