Sunday, 14 October 2012

Creating a Chic and Happy Home Office

Whilst browsing through my facebook feed earlier this week, I came across the pretty photo below which I shared on the Design Gratis page.

via SA Decor & Design

The image got me thinking about how common it now is to work from home, and the spaces created specifically for this purpose.

Whether it's simply a desk tucked away in a guest room or a formal home office, work spaces at home are not only more prevalent today than they used to be, but they have also evolved.

Here are a few of my favourites:

via Elements of Style

via My Scandinavian Home

via Emily Henderson

via House Beautiful
via Stylizimo

via La Dolce Vita
via Live Creating Yourself

Gone are the dreary rooms with bulky desks and shapeless office chairs. The modern home office is now a chic, yet happy and comfortable space featuring statement chairs, creative storage, and the ubiquitous Apple desk/laptop.

As for me, my home office is where I'm sat right now - the sofa. That's the reality of living in a 396 sq ft flat. On those days when I'm feeling especially self-important, I drag myself over to the dining room table. Oh yeah... living the dream.

If I did however have a home office, it would probably be light and bright, with a mixture of modern and traditional touches. Something like this:

Jardena Armchair £249, Oak Table Base £200 Habitat, Brass Desk Lamp $192.91 Lamps Plus, Billy Bookcase (with glass doors) $219.99 Ikea, Seagrass Storage Boxes $16.99 Ikea, Striped Kelim Rug from £525 Woven Ground.

Some tips to creating a your own functional and stylish work environment:

+ Writing Surface | For a clean, open look, try using a small table or a simple cantilevered counter top instead of a desk.

+ Seating | Make sure your chair is comfortable - if unupholstered, try layering with a throw and/or pillow for warmth and texture.

+ Lighting | Always use task lighting in addition to overhead lights, your eyes will thank you later.

+ Storage | You can never have too many open shelves, cupboards, or storage boxes/baskets. Kitchen storage containers be an unexpected solution for pens and pencils.


  1. I love the piece. Informative for persons setting up a home office.

  2. Fair play to you for squeezing a dining table in such a small flat, it's even smaller than mine! Only in London do we know the square footage of our apartments as it's so precious x

  3. I can never tire of looking at home office/workspaces. My favourite here, I think would be the last one with the dark accent wall. Love the contrast of the black and white.

  4. I love those black walls in the photos! I might just have to borrow that idea. x

    1. Black walls have seriously grown on me recently!

  5. Your tips on making this working environment are useful and the home office designs you posted are inspiring. These are chic and functional spaces that are great for working. Thank you so much!


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